new moon in scorpio {mermaid musings}

I'm sitting here feeling into what exactly is it that I want to conjure on this new moon in Scorpio (Saturday). I've begun some new boundaries with my time & energy that are leaving me space to dive deeper. Jupiter in Libra had us going high & wide, Jupiter in Scorpio has us going deeper & longer. Sign of sex for a reason... ;) 

I'm feeling like I don't know exactly what I want this new moon to grow into when it's full next May, but I do know what I want to center my intentions in now. And that's everything, isn't it? Not just knowing what you want, which is super important, but the combination of will & desire. Pluto & Mars. What you want & are willing to do to make it happen. We can't forget while we swim in the waters of Scorpio, that it's ruled by two planets. The most powerful of which is Pluto. Our pain, our relentless obsessions, our resolute stances. It's all power. 

Scorpio is resilient not because it is ruthless- no one does boundaries & compassion like Scorpio. The resilience comes from clear focus, really. Everything that doesn't contribute to the mission becomes irrelevant. It is there, it is seen, even felt, but no energy is directed towards it. That is the power of Pluto. So when feeling into this potent magic & how I want to use it, I'm looking for the clearest focus, the most willful desire. What. Will. No. Longer. Hide. 

That is how Scorpio exposes the hidden. It activates what we normally go about pretending we don't want. It pokes at what we try to suppress so that we have this illusion of controlling the pain. But it's there either way. The pain & the suppressed, so why not claim it? Why not use it? 

Pluto is patient. Because it's rooted in being willing to do death, to rebirth. When you are willing to shed everything so that your medicine can be more potent, so your experiences can be more satisfying, so your relationships can be more aligned- you're ultimately trusting yourself. That you will rise from the ashes. Haven't you already, so many times? 

So the question is, what do you want to rise into? When it's time to burn it all down, what grows instead? Your boundaries, naming your intents, & claiming your impact- all of these make space for the next rebirth. So that instead of just falling into the unknown (though that is sometimes necessary), you use your agency & interconnectedness to form the containers for what will be. Moment by moment, decision by decision, deep breath by deep breath. 

I want to rise into relationships that nourish my depths as much as I sit in the depths with others. I want to rise into community work that grows organically in correlation to my own relationship to justice & liberation. I want to rise into the confidence of creativity, money making, & being okay with doing nothing. I want to rise into emancipation from attachment to the past, present, & future that do not invigorate me. I want to rise into ownership of the startling possibilities & endless reasons to be grateful that I already possess. 

What will you rise into? 
saltwater & stars