this new moon is an alien {current mood}

New Moon in Aquarius
Friday, January 27 | 8:07 PM EDT

From an email to a Current Mood subscriber…
The meeting of the Sun + Moon (new moon) in Aquarius is a reclamation of weird. Entering into Aquarius season means that anything unconventional goes, that objective approaches thrive, & personal reinvention is essential to survival. The 2ish days before a New Moon is Dark Moon time: when the moon is invisible, it is a potent time for releasing anything irrelevant or constricting. Also for clarifying intentions. Make some sacred space & just be with what comes up. Aquarius is The Magician: the merging of mind & energy. Magic.

Aquarius gets one hell of a bad rep’ for being detached. Being raised by an Aquarius, with an Aquarian brother & having a partner with Moon in Aquarius, I understand them pretty well by now. They can be very objective & NEEEEEED space, but they love as fiercely as anyone, when they’re healthy… Their love tends to be radical too- just like when they shut down- because they have altruistic & humanitarian tendencies. All the space they cultivate around them allows them to operate at higher frequencies.

This is the shit we need to be tapping into right now. Not only to plan for a new cycle & hit refresh, but to navigate all the other energies happening right now. Where the Sun is at in it’s cycle indicates how we can tap into power, creativity, self-expression, & Source. In Aquarius, getting weird, getting unconventional, getting radical, getting altruistic, & getting individualistic is the path to thriving, not just surviving the current mood. 

With la luna here, it becomes a reminder of where we can reevaluate our attachments, give & get some space, & share our love with humanity. Aquarius is definitely action oriented, tho they might get caught up in the head- they love to deconstruct & reconstruct. Be willing to do this emotionally, to be response-able, not just reactive. 
And know what you will not fucking tolerate. 

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. Uranus is the change-god, bringing evolution through the chaotic process of erratic, high frequency electricity. High thinking, intuition, & synchronicity. Right now, this planet | god is in Aries, flaming the fire of human instinct, of warrior energy, of initiation & revolution. I wrote more about this dynamic & how it is interacting with Jupiter (expansion) & Pluto (phoenix) HERE & HERE.

Mars is in Pisces so we’ve been listening to the flow but it will go into Aries the day after New Moon, where it belongs. Mars in Aries will pump the War & Revolution all the way the fuck up. Be ready: to stand for your SELF, for the tangible liberation of yourself & everyone, & to be forced to act. That’s where instinct comes in, star-baby. Trust it. 

Mercury is right on Pluto so it will be hard not to dredge up wounds in communication- allow the air to transform them. But also be pragmatic about where you’re disposing your energy…this meet up is in Capricorn so as much as Mercury wants to share & Pluto wants to kill & rebirth…Capricorn wants to ground in conservation of energy that will be focused on building. 

I’m out of time…but if you need to know more for yourself, to get some clarity out of this astral vibe, get a reading! They’re delivered with love & conversation & openness. Or become a Current Mood subscriber so you get all this shit in your inbox, curated for your chart, before every New moon.