feel weird, get radical {current mood}

If you're feeling kinda weird, things are only gonna get weirder. 

The Sun is going into alien Aquarius tomorrow followed by an Aquarian New Moon on the 27th. This will make the vibe a bit lighter but also zanier. Aquarius is ultimately altruistic, finding they operate best on a detached/objective approach that allows them to reinvent anything. Themselves, preexisting structures, necessary evolutions. Aquarius is always here while also being somewhere else.

Coming after hardcore, ambitious Capricorn & before follow-the-flow Pisces, Aquarius runs an in-between world of contributing (Capricorn) to the collective usually with a disregard for ego (opposite sign of Leo) & an understanding that change is the only constant (Pisces). Tap into this Aquarian approach of objective analysis through subjective evolution all you can to thrive a little easier with the current mood... 

There are a lot of squares happening right now. Squares are aspects between planets that create tension, challenge, & conflicting dynamics. Squares are the type of energy you gotta work through- can't go around, under, or over. Straight up figuring out how to work two different aspects of the psyche/personality in a whole way. 

For example, right now the lovely Moon in Libra (& Jupiter in Libra, expanding that need)  that only wants peace of mind & delightful collaborations & diplomatic approaches & goddess-like beauty of body & intellect- is being squared by Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn only wants structures/traditions entirely transformed- demolished & regenerated into a more powerfully authentic version that contributes to a collective consciousness of effectiveness. 

See how this might be tough? But the combo needs to happen, right? We need collaboration, expansive justice (Jupiter), & peace of mind- but not without a restructuring of everything constricting this internally & societally. Pluto presents quite the power struggle, especially in serious Capricorn. Libra, as always, is the one that will need to compromise & adjust it's desires to what is more fair & realistic for everyone [thing] involved. 

Saturn in Sagittarius (yes, the lessons in candor & belief systems & trust are still going on) is squaring Mars in Pisces, then will square Venus in Pisces too. Mars is passion, energy, drive, war, the animus. In Pisces this expresses as a hunt for flow, for release, for transcendence, for escape, spirituality, and/or surrender.

You might be feeling an urge to connect to the unseen more than usual, but Saturn could "weigh you down", asking for realism, honesty, & taking risks. Trusting that unseen while being pragmatic & not compromising on the clarity of your capacity. Noticing where you tend to escape instead of break free. Very different things. Escaping is superficial, temporary, disregards accountability. Breaking free is knowing what is not working for you, what is not for you, what is too heavy to carry anymore. 

This is intricately demanding of our being present & in truth & unconditionally loving ourselves- sometimes exhausting. But tangible. So possible. Somewhere inside. Only you know how this translates into your life. 

Pluto is also square Uranus in Aries- the revolution will be televised, the warriors will rise, & there will be death to oppression. If we choose a  radical about evolving & have a radical love on hand. A love that says no, says yes, says "I don't know, show me". A love that says, "I'm wrong, I'm here to listen."  A love that lets you breathe, let's you be free.