the alignment {current mood}

New Moon in Libra

Friday September 30 
8:11 PM EDT

I'm back at it again with the Dark Moon self-soothe-strategies. Before the moon is new, all the revelations/residue that comes up is there for gentle tending. Treat yourself with clarity & cleansing. Eat, sleep, breathe more intently. And get really fucking excited to present some intentions to the Universe, in time (aka tomorrow). Because this New Moon is conjunct (hand-in-hand) Jupiter, the Guru-God. 

: exponential growth : expansion : abundance : amplification : benedictions : celebrations : ceremonies : ethics : excess : good fortune : fairness : faith : friendship : gratitude : luck :


We're already in Libra season, experiencing this vibe of enhanced feel-good-loving, for ourselves & each other. That's the intent, anyway. There may be some clumsy balancing between projections|receptions, & some much needed internalized loving. And everything is coming up against the values of Venus (ruler of Libra) & ethics of Jupiter, in Libra for 9 months. So we're looking at a lot of alignment. 

Make time to sit with yourself, in any creative way, to imagine what you want to feel like during Libra season when the presence of The Other is so present. Drained or thriving? For the latter, sacred boundaries & a vision of what your love (that which you give & that which you receive) is becoming. Also how much more you need of it in your life.

Mars (sneaked out of Sagittarius when I wasn't watching) & Pluto in Capricorn are in-contact with this New Moon: plan to plan, to eradicate, to be on that killin' it vibe. It's a square aspect, shit you can't go over, under, or around. Gotta go through. Gotta streamline your path|system to success. Defined by what? What you value & who you are no matter what. The alignment. 

So sink into this dark moon in Virgo, clearing & cleaning clutter, distractions, & bullshit. Taking care of your body, $$, heart with all the insights that this past season (mercury retro/eclipses) has bestowed.