virgo-pisces residue & libra prep {current mood}

Mercury in Virgo goes direct tomorrow, Thursday the 22nd (when the Sun goes into Libra). All the analyzations & data culminate now, giving us until Mercury goes into Libra on October 7 to finish getting shit straight, finessing loose threads, & checking off to-do lists. No performance mechanisms, or overdoing it, just grounding the body & mind so that we can exist efficiently. 

Virgo energy is a little high-strung, because once the to-do lists or adjustments begin, it can get overwhelming. The trick is intention...Virgo is what we need to align everyday with our internal database. How do we manage the lives we have created? 

The Eclipse residue is still being felt...Pisces does linger. Eclipses are portals, transitional checkpoints that stay open for quite some time. Let the tears flow...saltwater is magic. You can also translate this residue energy through writing, super potent while Mercury is still in Virgo, the opposite sign of Pisces. #integration 

Libra season, in all its rose-colored glory, will be here shortly. Jupiter, guru-God, yet entered Libra earlier this month. So we are in for a heightened awareness of injustices & the temptation to get black or white with things will be strong. I'm scared by how literally this is manifesting. Find your grey area, where compassion & no tolerance for bullshit merge.  There will be more on this from me...

Before Mercury leaves Virgo (or even before the Sun leaves tomorrow), install some form of ritual that keeps you sane, keeps you high vibe, keeps you awake. I'm talking about fresh eating/sleeping/body habits, fresh magic- whatever has come to you this month that needs your routine attention to thrive. Be accountable for your everything. 

The New Moon in Libra is next week (already! I know right) so tend to your self so you can better be there for others/relationships.  

saltwater & stars