saltwater & stars

I'm home from a week by the beach. The longest I've spent where I belong. SO much time in the saltwater cleansing has me feeling like, not a new person, but like myself. Been feeling like a washed up shell for a while. I was even on the shore during the Aquarius Full Moon, soaking up release & revelations. Remembering I'm ultra-sensitive, & that is where my magic comes from. And that also means I need ultra-support. 

When I was asking about the next step for my business, beginning with a rebrand, the name Saltwater Stars dropped into my heart. I literally felt it. I questioned whether the resonance came from my eternal affinity with the sea, with the galaxies, & my tropical blood. I played with it, I played with other possibilities, but nothing spoke to me so deeply. Here's why:

Saltwater is medicine. It is cleansing, powerful, certain, & unpredictable. You cannot drink it but the earth does not function without it. It covers most of this planet. The ocean holds stories unknown. Is the home of gods & goddesses, mermaids & nymphs, & actual creatures we don't fathom. It is Amphitrite, Neptune, Yemayah.

It is Us. It is the unknown depths & the powerful waves. It is the subconscious, the unconscious, the tears of ancestors. The Moon speaks, She listens. It is the most powerful feminine archetype in nature that there is. 

And then there are the Stars. Objective. Always there, burning, dying as they live. As we do. Cycling & rotating around us; energies that do not govern, but support & guide us in our Divinity. In our human experience. You have to believe that everything is interconnected to believe that the planets at your birth have something to do with your life... We see this interconnectedness in nature, it's called science. We see this in psychology, also called science. 

Astrology is a magic that interconnects it all- science, nature, psychology, yet is always being silenced. We forget to listen to our bodies. To look at the sky, at the sea, & remember. We forget what we know. 

I want to help us remember. I want us to not question the Moon's influence on us or the magic of when we came into existence. I want us to not fear the unknown or the mysterious, but to embrace it, without definition. And even in the definitions, I want us to be free enough to create our own interpretations & applications. That keeps it raw & relevant. 

This may not be for you. My salty truths & watery words, soaked in illumination of the night sky may not be for you. This is not just horoscopes & readings. This is a return to Earth. Return to the Heavens. To yourself. So if any of this feels like it's dropping into your heart, & you have to catch your breath, or is simply vibrating through your being, resonating with your saltwater, with your stardust... chill with me. 

saltwater & stars