blood sweat tears {the taurus full moon aftermath}

I'm not going to get political on Saltwater Stars. I lean towards anarchy anyway. But I will get woke as FUCK. Because I exist through the blood sweat tears of my black & brown ancestors. I am protected from many traumatizing racial experiences because of my light skin. So I have work to do in this intersectionality. Because the trauma is still in my DNA. I feel it when I'm trying to explain to genuinely lovely white people why the fight is mine, why the fight is theirs, why marginalized lives matter. 

Why the fuck should I have to explain that? 

Yes, people are blinded/enabled by privilege & conditioning. Yes, racism & other prejudice-isms are protected by the systematic/institutionalized histories of oppression. Yes, the President Elect & supporters are a wake-up call for many. A call to action for many others. Communities must take legal/governmental action. Organizations must be supported. Voices must be heard, bodies seen in protest. Education education education- we must eat, sleep, breathe it. 

That being said, I am a witch. I'm a psychological astrologer. I'm a highly introverted writes better than I talk Scorpio stellium Latina. What is my work in all this? How does Saltwater Stars play the game? 

In my many conversations with other spiritually oriented people, I've realized that on an individual level, all the pain-oppression boils down to ego. Ego repression, suppression, unhealthy functionalities and development. Yeah, I can spit all that psych-shit out & leave it there. But what am I really trying to say?

We need healthier egos, to be allowed to be seen|heard|loved as we are. 

On a psychological level, there needs to be acceptance, healing, & trust in order to recognize harmful patterns, one's contribution to social constructs, & to choose inclusion|equality over exclusivity & hierarchy. I've seen this in my workplaces, in my family dynamics, and in society. People versed in the language of the psyche have a responsibility to educate others & use the knowledge to inform their interactions with others.

Intellects: do not use your aptitude for learning to feed your own ego. Don't use enlightening the masses to feed your own ego. If you care about the health of society, share your wisdom in a passionate yet detached-from-the-outcome way. Allow others to find their path...I'm just talking to myself here, sorrynotsorry. So what does that mean for the witches|healers|dwellers in other realms? 

Your magic is action.

I am not saying that our tools (crystals, sage, candles, prayer, etc.) will save the world. I am saying they are tools we should be using in ways that resonate with our work. I am saying that they are a deeply intricate system of support that impacts us not only individually, but globally. I am saying that doing work in the unseen realms & working magic in the seen are valid contributions. More than valid- essential, necessary, impactful. Lean into your magic/altars/healing. It is work & it is powerful & underrated. 

Heal yourself, Heal the world. 

It is dark, intense, phoenix-tears Scorpio season anyway. Even while writing this, I had to pause to sob to a BANKS song, feeling pain & trauma from recent events in my personal history. We are stars...& we are saltwater. We need to feel our own pain, cry our own tears- that is as important as the empathic act of feeling|crying for others. If our egos are still healing, learning to seek creativity instead of validation...we must know what our vulnerability (a word which here means: tender desires, raw emotions, inner child) looks like so we can recognize our patterns.

If our hearts are hurting from loss|trauma|transition, we must have sacred boundaries around our time & energy. If we're still figuring out our values, work and/or path, we must have restrictions around our contributions, investments, commitments. SPACE SPACE SPACE. Treat yo'self like your essence is essential & you will learn to trust your process. 

This is the work. This is the change. This is action. If you believe in astrology, then you already understand that everything is cyclical & interconnected. Seasons, transitions, process, time, desire, manifestations. The heartache & the bliss. This is not bullshit mantras, mi amor. This is understanding what it means to be a being that surpasses reality living in a human body. Humble yet exponentially powerful.