cut through {current mood}

New Moon coming on Sunday, in Scorpio. So be thinking dark moon support- cleansing, resting, feeding, purging, seclusion.

Right now the Sun & Mercury in Scorpio are together, creating an intense vibe when it comes to communication. It may be difficult to resist sarcastic/cut through observations being vocalized, rage being expressed, or the overflow of any emotions/perceptions you've been repressing.

This is a potent time to approach communications/process with a below zero tolerance for bullshit combined with deep compassion coming from an acceptance of the shadow in us all. 

I can't not mention the Wild romance/pleasure/learning/seeker energy going on with Venus & Saturn together in Sagittarius. Take on new adventures that serve your high vibe & integrate a structure of freedom & truth into your life/love. 

Jupiter is in Libra so when the moon is in Libra like today/tomorrow, we're feeling big love, big scale feelings, & our needs for equilibrium heightened. Lean into this for feel-good flow. Mars & Pluto are still killin' it in Cappy, so we need to work with some Libra to clarify what we're aiming for. 

Before the new moon is a good time to get a reading on what you could be transforming/rebirthing with Scorpio. Check out the shop! 

saltwater & stars,