the provocation {current mood}

I was sick/busy/convalescing, but I'm back on the current mood...

This Aries Full Moon felt a lot like a new moon to me. Aries is the new, the beginnings, the fresh. So the vibe makes sense. And because every beginning needs an ending, Full Moons always ask you release something, make some space. I made some mental space, cleared away some stagnant perceptions. Since Uranus was involved. Like, right next to the moon involved. Making love, making magic, making mayhem.  
It is Libra season. You choose between remaining who you are, in your committed roles, or radically rearranging the dynamics in your relationships/work/self to emphasize freedom of instinct. Or you merge & integrate the two concepts. Instinctual freedom & valued commitment. 

Saturday October 22 the Sun enters Scorpio in the evening. I will be drinking champagne, dancing to NAO, & loving hard on my people to celebrate my birthday next week. Scorpio is not much of a party vibe so the decor is witchy-black but the moon will be in Leo so there will be gold balloons with glitter. Venus is in Sagittarius- the atmosphere feels a little more hopeful, like there is more opportunity for possibility. Know what's real for you & dive in. 

The most potent vibe going on right now is Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Mars-Pluto is a merge that evokes our desires, rages, transformations, & drives. What what what do you want to build-create-commit to & what work-focus-movement is needed to fast track the long-term goals.

This really zones in according to the sphere of your chart it's activating & what it's interacting with in your chart. If you can't get a transit reading (from me, obvi) just sit with the feelings & whatever is showing up will tell it's truth to you. Either way, you need a plan that you can act on asap. Even if it's little adjustments or getting shit clear for the way to come. 

You need this Mars-Pluto prep for the provocation of Scorpio season...