These 1:1 sessions are for talking stars & the medicine of cool, clear saltwater. I translate astro-lingo into wisdom for deep cleaning & space making. No bullshit, no surface-level fucking around. It is an astrally informed intuitive process; I tell you what I see- you get to decide what you do with it. Our time together is ultimately a reciprocal conversation about the radical power of agency & interconnectedness preexisting within you. You can read more about what centers my work here. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram to know when I'm offering mini new & full moon readings! 

Below are session options to choose from to clarify the focus of our time together (be sure to select which you want from the drop down menu). Sessions are conducted via your choice of video chat, phone call, or Facebook direct messenger. After payment you will be redirected to Calendly to schedule your session and provide your information. If you are not redirected, you can click here. Payment plans or accessible sliding scales are available upon request. Please email me with questions or concerns; please do not contact me via social media/direct message with questions or concerns. 

Not a substitute for professional therapeutic or medical consultation; for entertainment purposes only. All information is confidential. 



A natal chart is a map of where the planets were at the moment of your birth. You can get to know the basic ground of your Sun, Moon, and rising sign or focus on a specific area of your chart, self, or life you want to know about. You can ask about specific planets or we can freestyle it with what stands out most during our conversation. An intricate merging of conversation & learning.

This is useful for when you don't know where to start and want to learn some basics about your chart. 



We will sit with your natal chart and transits (what the stars are up to currently) to intuitively navigate your questions about life, love, money, truth, and transformation. Bring your vulnerable questions from your dark, wounded places to this session if you wanna have some consensual real talk to get deep and clear together. The focus is on astral support for navigating internal shit!

This is useful for when you are craving clarity in times of change and confusion or have specific personal questions.



Transits are what the stars are up to currently or in the future and how they're interacting with your natal chart. Full of information on planetary movements, this session is amazing for short or long-term planning and figuring out how to nurture your evolution. You can check in with what's happening now or talk what you need to know about what's on the way.

This is useful for when there are specific projects, time periods, or an intentional future focus in mind. 

HIGHLY recommend! Ariana has a gift that I can’t quite articulate yet (this was my first-ever reading), but I came away feeling affirmed and aligned and having a clear road map to my own badassery for the coming year. The notes I took in our session are gold.
— James Olivia
Ariana told me the truth so many times during the hour that it was like she’d been a fly on the wall of my life for the past year and a half. I cannot recommend her enough for her compassion, wisdom, and ability to hold space for all the Stuff that comes up. Thank you, so much.
— Phoenix Veritas
I’ve been on the lookout for a dope, socially conscious astrologer who is whip smart and knows my vibes to help me nurture The Church of St. Felicia & my dreadful ass love life. Thank you for being amazing. And now I don’t feel bad about leading with my Leo foot. Thank you for scooting that [fear] out of the way so that I can embrace that I am exactly as I am. You are my go-to gal for all things stars & cosmos now. Book a session or two to see for yourself why I adore her.
— Alexis P. Morgan |The Church of St. Felicia
Ariana’s gift of reading the stars and gathering their energy into a tangible mediation and focus guide so many souls. Ariana uses her deep wisdom and knowledge to shine light on bullshit and gives tools to burn it all down. Ariana’s vulnerability and honesty and truth giving are what make her so damn unique and special. Her voice and her spirit ring through space.
— Ashley Story
I love getting your scopes, the passwords and blog posts. I actually really truly love that it’s not just a “here’s how you’re feeling and why” but you include questions to ponder and rituals to perform, things I sometimes desperately need because I don’t have them already. To me I feel they really help me understand how I’m feeling and what I need to do as next steps, I love them because I am brand new to this world and the only books I can find are Wiccan and honestly I never feel connected to them and I roll my eyes at a lot of their content and shitty illustrations. Which leads me to my next love, your aesthetic on the site is attractive and powerful. I love the videos you include of songs and the readings you perform also. You are touching on more senses than just sight (reading the words you write) I’m also hearing in different ways the feelings that are existing around me. You include applicable material that furthers understanding instead of just saying “this planet has gone direct” - so I don’t feel as lost as I am learning. I also love that through you I have learned to read for my rising, and to listen to that Cancer side of me.
— Jenevieve G. Fine Art & Design
Ariana is tremendously soulful, insightful, and astute in her astrological readings. When I and my daughter have received readings with her, she clearly and poetically reads the story of our stars, and how it influences our heart, mind, body, and soul. She is truly gifted in her star and planet readings, and you will be moved by your time spent with her.
— Trella Dubetz |Sage Massage & Wellness
I just wanted to thank you again. Thank you for reminding me of my power and that I matter beyond opinions of me. You definitely have a gift and I felt your intuitive power in my heart. Thank you for using firm gentleness to speak to my soul. I will be a regular costumer for you.
— Annajane |Dream Dauphine