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Every new moon is an invitation to begin again, plant seeds, & recenter your intentionality. Every full moon is an opportunity for climax, closure, & clarity. Tuning into the monthly cycle of the moon means less time forcing shit & more time cultivating your own ebb-to-flow. The new & full moon horoscopes provide not only insight for crafting intentions but support for navigating the cyclic movements of la luna. This support includes overviews of everything else going on with the stars, too. 

For $10 a month you get access to the Commune, a space for horoscopes, ritual recommendations, & relevant inspiration for each new & full moon. In the Commune, you can share your musings or take what you need & return when it's time. Emails are sent out with the link to a password protected page twice a month, before the new & full moon.

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"I love getting your scopes. I actually really truly love that it's not just a "here's how you're feeling and why" but you include questions to ponder and rituals to perform, things I sometimes desperately need because I don't have them already. To me I feel they really help me understand how I'm feeling and what I need to do as next steps, I love them because I am brand new to this world and the only books I can find are Wiccan and honestly I never feel connected to them and I roll my eyes at a lot of their content and shitty illustrations. I love the videos you include of songs. You are touching on more senses than just sight (reading the words you write) I'm also hearing in different ways the feelings that are existing around me. You include applicable material that furthers understanding instead of just saying "this planet has gone direct" - so I don't feel as lost as I am learning. I also love that through you I have learned to read for my rising, and to listen to that Cancer side of me."- Jenevieve Gee

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