dark moon recommendation

active until the new Moon in sagittarius December 7 @2:20AM EST



the dark Moon is in scorpio with Mercury, ambassador of the underworld, & Venus the Producer of Pleasure. your most important contribution to relationships & the collective right now (and always) may be your integrity. the more you cultivate intentionality & listen to your intuitive directives, the less you have to do damage control or micro-manage other peoples responses because your impact is messy.

this isn’t about binaries & linearity or perfection-fuck that. the question is: what upward spirals (growth) are you interested in? remember, you don’t have to perform any energy to be present to this. you can be like honey. slow, sweet, & present. growth is tender, feels so vulnerable. you might be tired of hearing that word but it’s time, starling. time to be accountable to where & how you want to grow. because vulnerability without accountability is projection, manipulation, or damage control. and that paradigm is dying—swiftly.

“In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn.”—Octavia Butler

upward spirals don’t happen in your resistance to transformation. they don’t happen when you dig your roots into “the way things are” or “the way I am”. when unhealed/unconscious shit comes to your attention, it is not a question of “do you want [fill in the blank] badly enough?”, it’s an invitation to honor the opportunities for deliverance. your shame, fear, & pain don’t have to be here to stay. it’s easy to be consumed by the deep betrayals or your self or by other people. you don’t have to stay there, either. say yes yes yes to the antidote, to what you’ve been terrified of: telling the truth, tolerating no shit, & taking up space.

don’t stay in “fuck it, fuck them, fuck you, fuck me” (unless it’s sexual, then please do your thing). admit those feelings of FUCK & know that it is the moment you can choose to transform. you want the magnificent blessings & abundance the next six months can bring? you wanna ride the sagittarian centaur into your sovereignty? remember that this year cleared a bunch of shit out the way. breathe into that space. then do your conjuring to minister to your wounds-not all of them, just the ones that are in the way. stay on your path of recovery & retrieval. be done with distractions (as many times as you need to decide you’re done) from people who can’t see in the dark or want to stay burning. let yourself dissolve into ashes because you’re devoted to rebirth, dedicated to rising. you don’t need to be ashamed of your eagerness to evolve- it’s your luminosity.

”It’s increasingly difficult for me to vibe with people—even keen, talented people—who are salty about everything all the time. Gotta have some sweetness in this life. I believe in the intelligence of honey.”@theferocity. in reply: "I found that these ppl are often not as “involved” in the business of curing these things which make them salty as they claim. The real warriors are actually dripping in honey.”—@HappySingleGal

your horoscopes for the new Moon in sagittarius will be out tonight.

saltwater & stars

after the new moon & jupiter in scorpio

if we are not real about what we are allowing to shape us, we may never shape what we actually want.

this is another way of saying that self-awareness (being alert & attentive to the way you function inside out) is crucial to everything.

jobs, careers, organizing, teaching, family, friendships, partnerships, collaborations, projects, healing, learning, community. interpersonal AND collective transformation.

if you are not alert & attentive to your self- motivations, desires, needs, areas for growth, areas for affirmation- how can you expect to actually change anything *outside* of yourself? how accurate, effective, or sustainability will your contribution be?

it might look good aesthetically- doing & saying all the right things. that's the easy part. while 1:1 relationships continue to fall through, community is a word used rather than an experience of practices, & the disenchantment comes. getting real enough with yourself to do your part to keep that from happening unnecessarily is the hard work.

we saw this with the exposure of the private lives & secret harms of public figures with jupiter in scorpio. it happens to all of us in some form if we don't trust that honesty goes a long way.

paradox: to destroy individualism we must awaken individually & take relationship seriously.

this new moon is sextile pluto in capricorn. there is probability that we can transform structures- in our lives, in the world. but if there is a gap between our relationship to ourselves, how we treat other people privately, & the culture we want to contribute to...we will fall into it and get stuck.

this is the work of scorpio. it's not about perfection, it's having the nerve to be straight up about ourselves & how we need to change, how we need to heal, how we harm. being willing to transform- a fancy way of saying being okay with death & rebirth inside of us no matter how fucking painful it is. AND THEN we expand. *wink*sagittarius*wink*

this shit matters not because the individual is more important than everyone else but because the collective is more important than the individual. and the collective is not a theoretical compilation of people- it is you, and me, and them. don't forget this in sagittarius season or in the glory of jupiter in sag...

saltwater & stars

p.s-because folx have been asking today, just want to let you know that I go more in depth on every new-full moon & make ritual recommendations in the Commune. you can join us there anytime.

dark moon recommendation

it is a dark moon from monday until the new moon in scorpio @11:02AM EST wednesday. details are in the horoscopes.

we often hold these binary ideas of what qualities can & cannot coexist. water dissolves them all. it is gentle AND forceful. it is consistent AND complex. scorpios element is water. it is in-between these binaries that the discomfort of scorpio season lies for many. it is the depth & intensity, like rivers shaping crevices that make mountains. the water that carves landscapes, the water that is most of this earth. the water that is us.

there is strength in your gentleness. there is wisdom in your complexities. there are resources in your crevices. you can carve mountains of hope with your healing, mountains of perspective & power. first, you must be water.

scorpio is water + mars + pluto. this is no lightness of heart. this is no nonchalant fluidity. this is not sagittarius season- yet. scorpio is the work of getting shit right on the inside. scorpio is the medicine of death & rebirth we need when everything hurts, when things go dark, when trust feels impossible. 

your most resilient resources are inside: accumulated from love, ancestors, relationships, and everything you’ve been intuitive enough to gather on your way here. you don’t have to suffer to prove you’re not taking your blessings for granted. you can enjoy them *because* you take nothing for granted. reach in. reach out. 

sometimes we must thoroughly be with what is ending to be present to what is just beginning.    

saltwater & stars