new moon & uranus in taurus

uesday, may 15 @7:49AM EDT | 24 degrees

happy new moon in taurus!  


uranus goes into taurus tonight.  

intentions are so important currently- not just so you have a harvest you can resonate with when the full moon in taurus comes late october, but so you can anchor the energy of this 7 year shift of uranus in aries to taurus. you don’t have to know them today, or ever. it may be enough to pay attention to how you feel & know how you want to feel. but if you have space, be with yourself & think about this time container of 6 months (new to full moon) & how the change-god uranus is on your side.  

I’ve been thinking about how intentions are different than goals. goals can be useful when they’re reframed by our agency, not determined by obligation. goals feel very pragmatic to me. intentions (especially when we’re working with the moon) feel more like space-making. like we’re creating room in our hearts & minds & life for what we want to show up. we’re shaping a container without necessarily being in control of the specificity of what fills it. like, we don’t really know what will come, how the container will change, what the contents will actually be at the end of a cycle. 

goals feel action oriented- we need to stay focused, accomplish things strategically, & be committed. intentions feel intuitive- we need to trust ourselves, know what we want, & be willing to be flexible with it. we navigate with intention. we arrive at goals. neither is better or worse, right or wrong. it seems like two different ways of moving that are both useful in appropriate contexts & with the nuance of understanding our relationship to the pressure within both. 

creating intentions at the new moon can often feel like pressure. we’re releasing what’s no longer necessary to hold onto, we’re opening ourselves up to something new or more. there is tension in this, stretching that must be done gently but firmly. an intention feels more like energy work & goals feel more like tangible/practical work  

I think it’s important that when working with a collective/outer planet like uranus, we’re remembering that we cannot embody this energy. it’s not your job to BECOME uranus, to change everything all at once, to know all the things. it’s your job to trust yourself, to be willing to evolve, & to move slowly enough to do so intentionally. 

keeping this in mind, what do you want to begin now? what way of being, relating, moving through the multiverse do you want to explore? what seeds do you want to plant, knowing that you’ll water & tend to them as needed? remember that you have agency to shape this transition  

be tender with the lessons of the past 7 years of uranus in aries. be tender with the hopes you have for the next 7, as unknowable as they are, as uranus travels through taurus & brings us new opportunities to experiment. uranus will reframe the taurus part of your chart. some of it may feel like it’s happening fast or already happening. don’t be surprised if you’re anxious. inhale & exhale. there is no room for fear here- connect to the abundance of the multiverse that has brought you to this moment & trust it will continue to support you.   


saltwater & stars