don't fuck with what you just got free from

full moon in taurus
wednesday, october 24 @ 12:45PM EST | 1 degree

it’s full moon day. horoscopes are in the Commune (check your inboxes, subscribers), magic is being made, love is abundant. to get us through what may end up being a wild ride, I’ve been listening deeply to the multiverse. here is what has come through…

sometimes feeling powerless comes from trauma. sometimes, ego keeps us there. power is not from outside of you. it is from deep inside.
it’s not about perfection or all-knowingness. we do what feels right in the moment. we adjust when new wisdom comes to what feels right in the next moment. adrienne maree brown says, “another thing that burns people out is wasted effort.” call your power back and call it forth. take the space you need to recalibrate the management of all your resources, including energy, because what the sun in scorpio cannot tolerate is wasted effort.

to thrive during this season, hone scorpio energy. HOLD your power, don’t run from or misuse it. deepen the intimacy & pleasure in your life by deepening the nonnegotiable boundaries with who/what harms you. we’re learning that individualistic approaches don’t care for collective needs; being resourced by your power allows you to center community without depleting yourself. now is an opportunity to do healing that transforms your long term & contributes to community. it is uncomfortable but this is what the full moon conjunct uranus in taurus, opposite sun and venus retro in scorpio is bringing.

these aren’t just fancy phrases- look to your lived experience. whatever is coming up for you IS your full moon story. reckon with your pain AND your power. when things change you’re not being punished, you’re being evolved. all the scorpio energy (sun, mercury, venus, jupiter) is asking us to redefine power by eliminating egotistical attachments to it & cultivating compassion for self & other. when we cling to ego we conflate confidence (among other things) with power. we conflate performance with truth. anything built on those conflations will be shaken under this moon + venus retro.

don’t stay afraid, that is forgetting your agency. trust, surrender. your intuition is magic. use it for good. learn to recognize your own light, love, and beauty so you can protect it from here on out. learn not to fuck around with compassion because it’s a powerful gift and we often misuse it to stay in relationship with toxicity. trust that learning what you need to know for your own liberation is a collective contribution. the freer we are, the freer the collective is, and the more we can give.

this can be a turning point, where we either spiral into who we were BEFORE or choose to let our grief generate new selves, boundaries, & possibilities. it’s important to feel through things because the emotions need to be honored or they will use ego as an outlet. this is why we need ritual, too. grieve what you need to leave. connect to what holds you steady. choose growth, choose flow. because holding on tightly to what is dying becomes toxic. uranus ON the full moon is freeing us from what keeps us small, in scarcity, or in danger. once you get free, don’t use all the fresh space to return to ways of being that are comfortable & familiar. don’t fuck with what you just got free from.

saltwater & stars

p.s: if you need help accessing your power & recalibrating your relationship to it, I highly recommend Staci Jordan Sheltons
UNRAVELED: Reclaiming Power. I have experienced it twice and each time it has changed my life.