deepen the truth, widen the space

Jupiter in Sagittarius
November 8, 2018- December 2, 2019

Jupiter in scorpio was an age of exposure (November 2017-today). secrets, lies, harm done in the dark, toxicity, abuse, shitty power dynamics. our capacities to heal, to be vulnerable, & to transform were stretched. because what is not real is not true & life cannot thrive in deceit. collectively & personally many of us have learned the importance of boundaries, explored the meaning of healthy power, & how to hold onto our hope even in pain. scorpio is death, but Jupiter is benevolent. if you look back, you may find that when let go of something that was hurting you, something came to love you instead. or what was already for you became clearer… if you can’t see this now, Jupiter in sagittarius will show you.

Jupiter in sagittarius will be an age of amplification. Jupiter holds the power of integrity, potential, what is possible, the bigger picture. EXPANSION. Jupiter is interested in belief systems from which we get our hope, faith, & truth. sagittarius is radical candor- profoundly open. sagittarius makes meaning out of the pain, finds clarity in confusion, explores where wisdom is hidden. the deeper the truth, the wider the space.

Jupiter in sagittarius is an invitation to choose transparency over arrogance, trust over fear, joy over perfection. Jupiter in sagittarius brings abundance. Jupiter in sagittarius brings deliverance. Jupiter in sagittarius brings sovereignty. blessings on blessings on blessings.

because Jupiter is an amplifier of the truth, especially when in sagittarius whom it rules, it will become clear where we are doing too much or not enough. where we are in excess or in waste. the hypocrisies, double standards, or self-righteousness of ourselves & others will show up for scrutiny. often in the exploration of potential, in the expansion towards possibility, or in the gaps of our belief systems we can forget that intent is less important than impact.

Jupiter/sagittarius energy can become so enamored with the beauty of intentions, purpose, & meaning that the practical application (integration) is forgotten. because of the openness, this energy can be all over the place, misdirected, or hollow. direction, commitments, & integrity come into play here. they keep us on path, however nonlinear it is. vision is necessary, it is medicine. alone it does nothing.

in other words, sagittarius needs the grounding of Saturn. thankfully, the god of mastery is strong in capricorn right now & can support us in remembering that the future is in the practical strategies towards our wildest, very possible dreams. what we let go of while Jupiter was in scorpio was space-making for what Jupiter in sagittarius will bring us. because this is very beautiful energy if we elevate it towards clarity, if we are willing to move from intellect/ego to soul. be available to receive, ready to respond, grateful for the growth.

I will absolutely be writing more on this throughout the year & constantly in the horoscopes. if you want to identify what transformed in your life during Jupiter in scorpio & want to know what Jupiter in sagittarius means for you, I’m here.

saltwater & stars


after the new moon & jupiter in scorpio

if we are not real about what we are allowing to shape us, we may never shape what we actually want.

this is another way of saying that self-awareness (being alert & attentive to the way you function inside out) is crucial to everything.

jobs, careers, organizing, teaching, family, friendships, partnerships, collaborations, projects, healing, learning, community. interpersonal AND collective transformation.

if you are not alert & attentive to your self- motivations, desires, needs, areas for growth, areas for affirmation- how can you expect to actually change anything *outside* of yourself? how accurate, effective, or sustainability will your contribution be?

it might look good aesthetically- doing & saying all the right things. that's the easy part. while 1:1 relationships continue to fall through, community is a word used rather than an experience of practices, & the disenchantment comes. getting real enough with yourself to do your part to keep that from happening unnecessarily is the hard work.

we saw this with the exposure of the private lives & secret harms of public figures with jupiter in scorpio. it happens to all of us in some form if we don't trust that honesty goes a long way.

paradox: to destroy individualism we must awaken individually & take relationship seriously.

this new moon is sextile pluto in capricorn. there is probability that we can transform structures- in our lives, in the world. but if there is a gap between our relationship to ourselves, how we treat other people privately, & the culture we want to contribute to...we will fall into it and get stuck.

this is the work of scorpio. it's not about perfection, it's having the nerve to be straight up about ourselves & how we need to change, how we need to heal, how we harm. being willing to transform- a fancy way of saying being okay with death & rebirth inside of us no matter how fucking painful it is. AND THEN we expand. *wink*sagittarius*wink*

this shit matters not because the individual is more important than everyone else but because the collective is more important than the individual. and the collective is not a theoretical compilation of people- it is you, and me, and them. don't forget this in sagittarius season or in the glory of jupiter in sag...

saltwater & stars

p.s-because folx have been asking today, just want to let you know that I go more in depth on every new-full moon & make ritual recommendations in the Commune. you can join us there anytime.