Merging astro-psychology with intuitive listening & translating astrology into support for navigating life, self-awareness, & evolution.

astrology is a tool for apocalypse because we need to stay interconnected and to do so with integrity, we need to know ourselves. astrology is an ancient language. clear, deep, & vast like saltwater. complex & ethereal like stars. it is a language of the heavens & the earth. astrology is a way to practice response-ability for how interconnected we are with these wild entities in space. it is a return to yourself in remembrance of what colonization, oppression, & fear want us to forget.

We are interconnected, infinite, & important.
We are made of salt, water, & stars.


I am Ariana, a queer Boricua bruja from Brooklyn NY by way of Puerto Rico. I have almost a decade of experience with intuitive astrology & received a diploma from the Academy of AstroPsychology in 2014. I am deeply committed to decolonial spiritual pedagogies, radical strategies towards freedom, & relationship centered practices of community. I currently reside on Susquehannock land (Pennsylvania), where I facilitate local spaces for communal healing.

The Lineages, Presences, & Resources that continuously inform my work are: my bright, well, & benevolent Afro-Indigenous ancestors, Priestess of Liberation, Pollen Institute, Emergent Strategy, Turtle Tank, Octavia Butler, How to Survive the End of the World, Healing Justice, Hoodrat to Headwrap, Princess Nokia, Yemaya, & the Divine.

you can book a session to work with me here.